About Us

WHNJ Radio has been the central focus of Multicare Foundation Inc. (dba A KEY ENCOUNTER)’s outreach to the Keys and to the world since August 2013 when its nature theater and planetarium were closed in Key West and the FCC released a 24/7 broadcast permit for the station almost simultaneously!

Moving into local broadcasting on 95.7 FM and making live streaming available around the world from its spot on the internet via computers and smart phones at www.whnj.org, there is an announcement every hour explaining that WHNJ brings something to all via Whole Health ‘N the Joyful news: Jesus is coming soon!

We find the challenge exciting and delightful…expressed through inspiring music pleasing many tastes; talk shows with all kinds of people; topics of health; dramatizations of historical and biblical lives as well as present day stories that include persons breaking free from addiction’s chains.

Young and old tell us they listen repeatedly to programming on WHNJ that is consistently varied and often compelling. Others feel soothed while still others are enlightened. Some find that tuning in to WHNJ is itself life-changing!

Fully supported on a day-to-day basis by donations from God-inspired listeners and friends, we thank you already for keeping us in your prayers. We ask you to let us know how we can bless you in our prayers as well. We believe in God, receive our power to cope from Him, and know that WHNJ would not and could not exist unless His hand continues to lead!