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We’ll post your comments here to share the blessings you are receiving from listening to WHNJ. We hope your spiritual life is growing and that Christ has new meaning to you! Tell us about your spiritual journey. Click here. We’ll keep your comments confidential if you request it.

I enjoy WHNJ. The music is uplifting and the programs keep me focused on God and heaven. Thank you for your ministry. – from Marathon, Florida Keys

It’s awesome! I’m listening from NYC. Blessings!

Listening for the first time right now (1 am). Awesome. Have enjoyed all of it for the past 2 hours. Praise God for WHNJ. – from Shelbyville, KY

Really enjoying listening to WHNJ! Praying for you and the ministry! – from Huntsville, AL

Thanks for introducing WHNJ to me on the plane to Atlanta. I listened to it and found that it’s of various content and programs 24 hours a day, which is great. The stories of the Bible, though I haven’t read much about it before, is vivid since music is around. I used to have an app in my smart phone that plays the recording of the Bible, but yours is much more attractive. – from a Chinese graduate student

So glad it comes all the way to Italy… praise God… – from Tourino, IT

I found your station. Excellent work. May God give you strength to continue bringing comfort ato our hearts. – from Brazil

How wonderful to see the Lord using technology to encourage His people and spread His loving message! After all, He gave the intelligence to men to make the technology. God bless this wonderful ministry!!!! – Karin

Hi Juanita. Got your newsletter so after reading it, decided to listen to the radio station. Heard you taking to Jaimie Jorge. Very interesting. He was at our church in Bonney Lake, WA one December. I enjoy playing my violin too. It was good to hear your voice again. – Eileen

We are really enjoting the up listening the music. The children love the short stories and messages, they are uplifting. – Dan